Lucky To Be Alive

Jeremy Wiebe February 25, 2013 5
Marianne Helm/Getty Images

Zach Redmond is a lucky man. It could have been so much worse. But fortunately for him, all he has is a big scar, and time to heal. The Winnipeg Jets defenceman will miss the rest of the season after suffering a lacerated artery near his thigh, after being cut by the skate blade of teammate Antti Miettinen, during practice in Raleigh, North Carolina last Thursday.

It was a freak accident to say the least. During a simple back skating drill, Redmond slipped and fell to the ice. Miettinen, who didn’t see Redmond on the ice, accidentally tripped over Redmond, slicing him with his skate blade. Redmond was bleeding profusely, and was rushed to the Jets dressing room. Forward Anthony Peluso put pressure on the cut, to help contain the bleeding. Athletic therapist Rob Milette was also quick to react, as Redmond was starting to lose consciousness. Milette was instrumental in getting Redmond ready, while the ambulance was on its way. Milette provided first aid and moral support until the paramedics arrived. Redmond then had a three-hour surgical procedure to repair the wound. He is now resting comfortably in hospital and is on his way to making a complete recovery.

Milette did say the situation looked grave at the time. Redmond had lost over a litre of blood, and was going pale with each passing second. Teammates were very concerned about Redmond’s health. In fact, some of them couldn’t stand to watch Redmond go through this ordeal. On top of that, the Jets were supposed to play later that evening against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Jets managed to muster up the strength and they defeated the Hurricanes 4-3.

Meanwhile, with the news that Redmond is progressing nicely, relief is starting to settle in. His family released a statement today.

“We are truly overwhelmed by the tremendous support we have received on behalf of Zach. The outpouring of emotion and kind words we have received has helped our family get through this difficult time.

We are eternally grateful for the quick response of the Winnipeg Jets training staff and coaching staff as well as Zach’s teammates, who without reservation jumped to his aid, heroically took control of the situation and made sure Zach was given proper care, in turn saving his life.

Zach is currently in positive spirits, and getting the rest he needs while surrounded by family and friends in a Raleigh area hospital. We are deeply appreciative of all the support and are optimistic about Zach’s full recovery and future.

At this time, we hope that Zach and ourselves, as well as his friends, can have a little privacy as he begins the healing process. Thank you again.”

We here at Fighting for Stanley wish Zach Redmond a speedy recovery, and hope he can return to the ice next season, so he can resume his NHL career.

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