Jets Fans Excited For Puck Drop

Jeremy Wiebe January 15, 2013 0
Brian Donogh/Winnipeg Sun

It’s been a long time coming here in Winnipeg. Fans were getting anxious about whether they would see their beloved Jets hit the ice this winter. As the lockout kept dragging longer and longer, some supporters were giving up hope on seeing an NHL season. But things have changed.

When the NHL announced an agreement was reached on January 6, the city and the province of Manitoba went into overdrive on Jets hype. Everyone was excited to see the NHL return once again.

When training camp opened this past Sunday, over 5,000 fans came to the MTS Centre, to see their heroes in action. Yes this city has Jets fever yet again. In fact, not a single person cancelled their season tickets during the lockout. But that doesn’t mean it’s all ice cream and cake here in the prairies.

This year, True North Entertainment mailed out their season ticket packages in form of a plastic card which will be scanned at the entrance. In other words, the tickets are now paperless. Which means no more ticket stubs for collectors. This has made many Jets season ticket holders very upset. Many fans thought there would be an administration fee to print tickets off for people who are sharing the tickets. True North president and CEO Jim Ludlow was quick to apologize for the confusion and explain the process of the paperless tickets. To the relief of fans, there will be no administration fee for the printing off of tickets. But it will take time for fans to get used to the paperless ticket idea. Personally, I’ll miss the paper tickets. I kept all my tickets from the game I attended last season, and will one day create a scrapbook of all the tickets from last season. It does make a great collectors item.

Despite the ticket controversy, the fans are still geared up about the season. Saturday’s home opener versus the Ottawa Senators, is a marquee event in this town. The game is sold out and it will be an electric atmosphere inside the MTS Centre. I’m not expecting too many grudges against the players nor True North. Perhaps Jets defenceman Ron Hainsey might hear some catcalls for his role in the lockout. But for the most part, the players and owners have been forgiven by the Jets faithful. We just wanted the Jets back. And now we have them back.

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