Never Seen That Before

Lance Hornby January 14, 2014 2
Canucks (SH) CanucksGerry Kahrmann , PNG

Thank You Sir. May I have Another?

Wow. What a start to the Canucks/Kings game tonight. For a bit of a history lesson, or as I call it, “what the NHL didn’t review with their refs,” the Canucks played the Kings for the first time since Dustin Brown accidentally on purpose ran over Roberto Luongo. Zack Kassian at the start of the game decided Brown needed to know that wasn’t acceptable. Unfortunately, Brown wanted none of it and was able to draw a penalty against Kassian. A penalty that every single Canucks fan did not mind one bit. Shortly after that penalty was killed off Brandon Nolan takes healthy charge at Henrik Sedin, the same Brandon Nolan who in the past has taken healthy and many feel dangerous runs at Henrik. Do the refs make the charging call? No way. Next face off Tom Sestito goes after Nolan after the puck is dropped. Finally Nolan will have to answer for his runs at our Captain. Nope, he turtles and Sestito gets the book thrown at him. 2 minutes instigating, 5 for fighting, 10 min misconduct and a game misconduct for being the aggressor. Holy Cow! Nolan gets nothing, and in short order Sestito has taken over the title of most penalty minutes assessed that the fans don’t mind. We play over 10 minutes of the first a man down and even part of it 2 men down, and we kill it off. Thank you hockey gods. I have never seen a team play over the first half a period short-handed and on top of that actually kill all the penalties. This is crazy, and it all could have been avoided if the refs would’ve just called Nolan for the charge, as mentioned by John “Cheech” Garrett on the telecast. Are the refs unaware of the history here? Are they practicing the “clean slate mentality?” At least Kesler got his chance to drops the mitts with his USA teammate Brown to start the 2nd period but what about Nolan. The refs continue to protect him. Must be nice to have the ability to run star players and not have to be accountable. Should make for a great or ugly 3rd period.

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