Toronto Maple Leafs Undrafted Ben Scrivens becoming an Asset

Mike Smith February 23, 2013 0

The Toronto Maple Leafs found a diamond in the rough with Ben Scrivens.  The former NCAA Cornell Big Red got a chance to sign unrestricted for the Toronto Maple Leafs after not being drafted.  Part of the decision-making for Scrivens making the choice to sign with Toronto was the goalie coach Francois Allaire.  Scrivens had spent time with Allaire at a professional goaltender camp in earlier years.  Even though he studdied under Allaire, the first thing I notice about Scrivens is his risk taking in challenging angles.  Scrivens is certainly not afraid to cut down angles and get outside that blue paint.  This is an area that James Reimer his teammate is adding to his repertoire as well.  Watching Reimer this year;  he is working the top of the blue paint to make saves on a more consistent basis.

Padding his Stock

For a young goalie that enters the NHL often patience is the only course to take when dealing with getting regular starts. It takes an injury for Ben Scrivens to finally shine like he was doing with the Toronto Marlies of the AHL last season.  No stranger to shutouts last year handing in four shutouts while keeping pace this year with the NHL club tallying two games without giving up a goal.

If you are a General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs you are a happy Dave Nonnis.  You have a goalie that is not only in your system from the beginning, but adding to his own value along the way.  For goalie stock, this is a big deal.  Goalies in the NHL are like betting the long shot horse at the track everyday for a week and hitting it once.  Luck will eventually find you, but at what cost?  In this case the Toronto Maple Leafs never gave up an asset to retrieve Ben Scrivens and in turn his $615,00o cap hit a year is an easy pill to swallow.

Toronto Maple Leafs need a Veteran Goaltender

When and if the time comes to pull out a trade, the goalie for goalie in a deal is often overlooked.  If the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to go after a veteran goalie in the offseason it is important that the James Reimer and Ben Scrivens duo continue to pad their stats.  The asset of having a tradeable goalie with $615k of Salary Cap hit for another team is a card you want in your deck if you are Dave Nonnis.


The Canadian Press/Chris Young

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