Toronto Maple Leafs; Head Scratches and Dance Partners

Mike Smith April 21, 2013 28

Toronto Maple Leafs make the Playoffs

Nine years ago is a long time to remember what it was like to taste post season play in the NHL.   Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs solidified a playoff spot with a win at Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa.  Leafs fans from coast to coast and around the world all breathed a sigh of relief.  It was a 4-1 victory over the Ottawa Senators in front of a packed house with a sea of blue and white jerseys in Ottawa that is the icing on the cake for some Toronto Maple Leaf fans.

Head Scratch

Check this video on youtube – It is disheartening for a Senators Player let alone fan to put up with this on home ice!


Toronto Maple Leafs Dance Partner

If the Ottawa Senators can hold on and make the playoffs which after the loss last night the percentage dropped to 96.2%, it is unfortunate these two teams won’t face each other in the first round.  The statistical chance of that happening is less than a percentage point.  It would make for a great first round of playoffs and further develop the “Battle for Ontario”

The likely hood of Toronto facing the Montreal Canadiens is 54.9% after Saturday night.  This post season match up would be riveting for sure, and give CBC with TV ratings probably never seen before on Hockey Night In Canada programming.

The last time these two epic rivals faced each other in the Playoffs was 1979 when the Habs swept the  Toronto Maple Leafs  in the first round on the way to a Stanley Cup Victory.  Can the roles be reversed this time around?  Will the Toronto Maple Leafs use the Montreal Canadiens as a stepping stone to playoff success?

This current season the Toronto Maple Leafs now hold a 3 wins and one loss record against Montreal with the two teams set to meet for the final regular season game Saturday April 27th.  This meeting might set the table for what will be a great first round match up between bitter rivals.  I can’t wait for the playoffs and will enjoy watching the Toronto Maple Leafs play Montreal, Boston or even Washington.

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Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens potential first round dance partners in the NHL Playoffs.

[Getty Images] Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens potential first round dance partners in the NHL Playoffs.