Bad Santa

William Wilson December 12, 2012 7

We won’t be seeing any NHL hockey this December, but there’s still plenty of reason for non-Leafs fans to enjoy the holiday season: Santa Claus isn’t a fan of the Boys in Blue and White.

If you haven’t heard already, it appears jolly ol’ Saint Nick won’t be visiting the good boys and girls of Leafs Nation (and they could only be good boys and girls – this isn’t Montreal after all) this year. He also won’t be returning to work.

As reported in several news outlets, a Toronto-area Santa Claus impersonator (yes, there are fake Santa Clauses in this world) was fired earlier this week for speaking ill of everyone’s favourite team. (People may love the team or hate them, but the Leafs are their favourite team in one of the two senses.)

Young Leafs fans celebrate Christmas and their favourite teamPhoto by the Toronto Maple Leafs

Apparently, Santa was doing some contract work at Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market when he came across a particularly happy, intelligent, funny, handsome and all-around great 3-year-old. Naturally, the child was wearing a Leafs toque.

Santa didn’t think too much of anything at first. He jokingly greeted the child until seeing the hat. At this point, his mood quickly soured.

“Oh, you’re wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs toque, you shouldn’t be wearing that, they suck,” he told the child.

Mary Trent, the three-year-old’s mother, came to her son’s immediate rescue.

“…I took my son and told him we should go, Santa isn’t being very good today,” she told reporters.

The event’s organizers quickly apologized for the unprovoked, undeserved and unforgettable verbal attack and sought to make things better right away. Trent and her son were even offered a private visit to the Air Canada Centre by Leafs management, but it was declined.

“I really appreciate it. But I didn’t do it for freebies,” she said in reference to the offer. “I just wanted to make sure no other children went through that.”

(The visit – which she didn’t want – included a trip to the team’s dressing room plus meetings with Carlton the Bear and General Manager Brian Burke. I’m sure this is something the young boy would have loved. Who’s playing Scrooge now?)

In any event, this may be the only time in history where Santa deserves coal for Christmas, not me. Even Patrick Kane has shown more control over this emotions this year. Both, however, are currently out of work.

I guess we all can’t get what we want for Christmas.

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