Ottawa Senators – Bullied In Beantown

Matt McKechnie February 9, 2014 12

If there was ever a game this season that both the Sens team and fans would like to leave in the annals of the forgotten, yesterday afternoon’s tilt against Boston was just that.

Turning in possibly their poorest performance of the whole season thus far, the RABHA were steamrolled by the Bru-Crew by a brutal count of 7-2.

The game never even looked close from an outside perspective. Even though Bobby Ryan helped cut the lead to 3-1 at 17:15 in the second period, Boston outshot Ottawa by a mark of 42 to 28, chased Anderson out in the third and scored two more on The Lehner to add extra rusty nails to the already buried coffin of the match.

When asked about the drubbing on where six different Bruins scored, Coach Paulrus had this to say about the game:

“Things didn’t go any way at all the way that we expected that they would go. The other team obviously showed that they were better prepared and better structured, which they are. They’re one of the best teams in the East, and we’ve often said that we respect the way they play, and they certainly … we probably owe them a couple of bucks for the clinic they put on today.”


Given the physical presence of either of these teams, this was an uncharacteristic match, in the sense that the hit totals were only 22 to 19 in favour of Ottawa.

To be blatantly honest, it didn’t even seem like Ottawa was putting up a fight until Boston had already put six pucks in the net.

But if Ottawa has any chance of getting to the postseason, they need to leave bruised bodies in their wake on the way there. Physical play is the bread and butter of the RABHA. Guys like Neil, Greening, Smith, Kassian, Gryba, Methot and Cowen need to lay the smackdown on teams like the Bruins and let them know that they will have to pay a definite price to steal a victory from us.

In the comeback game against St. Louis, it was evident that with the score at 3-1 in the third, the Sens were fed up with being pushed around. Turris, Conacher and a host of others started projecting their frustration on a powerful forecheck and giving hits back when they were being mauled after the play.

That type of play was not happening in this game. The Sens almost seemed like robots who didn’t understand how to play the game that was occurring on the ice they shared with the other team.

After such strong work ethic and teamplay since late December, this game seemed like a top NHL team was playing against an AHL team. The Bruins had open men all over the ice, in the slot and in front of the net all game, and nothing was happening to stop the bleeding.

On the sole positive note of this match, it didn’t seem to matter that much as the Red Wings also lost 4-2 to the Lightning, keeping the RABHA still only one point behind the final wildcard spot going into the break.

Let’s hope as their teammates Karlsson and Michalek head off to play on Olympic ice for a few weeks, the rest of the Sens can regroup, recharge, rebuild and re-start the ticker tape point parade that they’ve been marching in during this final stretch.

In possibly their biggest game of the month, the RABHA are hoping to repeat their strong play at home against the Detroit Red Wings on Feb. 27 at 7:30 PM EST.