Ottawa Senators – Build Me Up Just To Let Me Down

Matt McKechnie October 10, 2013 28
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After winning my softball game on a crisp, October eve (and yes – my team is called The One Hit Wonders), I made it home in time to catch the Sens play the first game of their west coast trek.

Unlike the One Hit Wonders, though, the Ottawa Senators would not find victory tonight – but all was not lost, my Sens friends.



My brother took off after the first period, as he had an early morning, but he also felt that the game was in hand, after two 5-on-3 power plays for the Kings and 3 goals.

I actually thought about shutting the game off, myself,  as the Sens were clearly ailing, down 3 to zip (and also because of the horrid Sportsnet between-period-analysis that plays out like bad stand-up comedy).

But something inside me told me to stay and watch it – and endure it.

Amazingly, it was one of the best hockey games I have watched in a long time.

And hey – they even got a point out of the deal.

Battling back valiantly, the red-and-black-attack pulled up their socks and made a game out of a first period blowout, losing 4-3 in OT.

Bobby Ryan, the newest big name acquisition for the Kanata Kids, finally hit top-shelf, pay-dirt off a nice feed from Karlsson on the power play. Ryan looked a little more comfortable out there tonight, and racked up a goal and an assist.

With the feisty Jean-Gabriel Pageau and the mighty Milan Michalek also potting goals to bring the game back into balance, the Sens seemed to fight hard after the second period.

Word has it that Coach Paul-rus laid into them heavily, and helped them to calm down and get their focus back.

Karlsson also looked like he’s finally back to his old self, as he was making some impressive maneuvers in the offensive zone and giving the Kings fits.

Once again, the Ottawa Senators are proving that they are not a team that will be taken lightly. And although the hockey powers-that-be probably wish they would just go quietly into the night, they continue to make big noises.



Much like the famous Roy Orbison tune, the Ottawa media and fans have been crying over Bobby Ryan’s lack of goals, only two games into the season. And why shouldn’t they? They are mostly entitled, public servants who go to bed at 9:30 PM and only attend games when the Sens have a winning record.

I only have a few things to say about that.

1. Feh to all of you.

2. The monkey is now officially off Ryan’s back (and I mean, as if there was ever any doubt that Ryan would dent the twine sooner or later, you whiners) and he can get out there, now, and just play some hockey.

3. Ryan is a catch for this team. I actually met him in a bar earlier this year, and unlike other non-chatty players I have come across in the past, he actually seems genuinely interested in doing well for this team.

4. He’s scored 30 goals in 4 different seasons. He’s proven. And he’s only 26. Remember that part? So we’re done talking about this now, right? Good.



It’s no secret that Ottawa has had a hard time staying out of the box so far this season. They gave up five power plays to Toronto, and three tonight to LA, just in the first period.

That needs to change.

Oh yeah – and we could use that captain who seems to keep getting injured.

But he’ll be back. He always shows up sooner or later.

And when Spezza is back, and when this young team learns to let players go by on the forecheck, instead of trying for an impossible puck jab that turns into a hooking call…they are going to be a fun team to watch.

And they already are.

Toting a 1-0-2 record, they head into San Jose to play the big, bad Sharks on October 12, and then to Anaheim to take on Ryan’s alma mater Ducks on October 13.

Three games and four points in, without an actual regulation loss? I’ll take it.