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No Jaromir Jagr, no Ryane Clowe, no Regehr, O’Byrne, Streit, Visnovsky or Smid.

But the Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin did make one trade. The Habs get 28-year-old, 6’2”, 225 lbs. defenceman Davis Drewiske from the L.A. Kings for a fifth round pick in 2013.  Drewiskie is making $650,000 this year and becomes an unrestricted free agent next year.

So why Drewiske, Marc Bergevin? “Davis Drewiske is a defenceman with good size and experience who has already played more than 120 games in the NHL. He adds significant depth to our group of defencemen.”

Bergevin said he really wasn’t close on any of the other trades, and that’s fine with me. From what I saw, the price was too high for many of the players anyway. At the end of the day, the Habs have improved and still keep all their picks in the first three rounds. Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make.

But Davis Drewiskie, who is he?

I have no idea but Pierre McGuire knows: “Hudson, Wisconsin. Four years at Wisconsin for Mike Eaves. Tremendous depth player at 6’2”, 225. One of the hardest working players I’ve seen. Last year during the Stanley Cup final, he never complained once. Now, you’re talking about going four rounds, going coast to coast, tons of travel. Now, obviously L.A. where they are, and the teams they had to play in the playoffs, and even by the Stanley Cup finals he was out there practicing with Bernie Nicholls and he was such a determined guy. He is one of those players whose work habits are infectious and impeccable. So this is all about character more than anything else. Is he a great Player? No. But, is he big? Is he physical? Is he robust? Yes. Is he going to cause problems? No. This is a very good acquisition, I think. Now, I don’t know what they paid for him, but here’s part of why he became dispensable. Because Robin Regehr goes there and he’s a favourite of Darryl Sutter. The development of Jake Muzzin, the development of Slava Voynov. Robbie Scuderi is still there. Alec Martinez has really developed. The addition of Keaton Ellerby. There’s just too much depth on that defence and he’s not going to be able to squeeze in there. So L.A.’s trying to get something out of their player so they move him. They gave the kid, a really good kid, a great chance. A good move. That’s a home run, you’ll see. Wait to you see this guy. He’s really stoic but he’s so full of energy and strong and well-built and well-conditioned. I endorse this. You’ll see from his work habits, you’ll see the extra work he puts in. He just brings an unbelievable work habit to your team. And I’m not saying Montreal’s been lacking that this year because I don’t think they have. They did in years past but not anymore. He’s a guy that doesn’t cost you a lot of money, he’s going to want to prove a point, he’s coming from a Stanley Cup winning team, and you can’t discount that even though he didn’t play. He was there, he soaked up the environment and he’s not going to be intimidated playing in Montreal. He’s a mature kid; he’s played a lot of huge games at Wisconsin. It’s great, it’s a hit.”

Danny Kristo
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The Habs also announced they’ve signed their second round pick from the 2008 Draft, Danny Kristo.  The 5’11”, 180lbs. forward from Edina, Minnesota, Kristo is currently playing with the North Dakota University Fighting Sioux. Kristo signed for two years and will report to the Hamilton Bulldogs next year.