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James Lumsden January 24, 2014 0

Okay, time to start posting my facebook rants into something … less understandable.  Hi, I’m James Lumsden, and I’m back with Fighting For Stanley as a feature writer. (I just don’t know how the real pros do it with game reports two seconds after the game is over, let alone the guys and gals at CBC and TSN.)  I’ll be posting a weekly blog every Friday evening before the slate of NHL games begins for the weekend.  I’ll also be keeping tabs on player transactions, agent happenings, coaching and gm decisions and owner dealings around the league.  And if you work with me during the day, chances are your thoughts and views will find its way into my articles.  Fair warning.  I’ll also be providing some Olympic coverage, with fingers crossed, of course.

So let’s see.  Tonight, Friday the 24th, Montreal is in Detroit in a key divisional matchup.  Nashville is in Calgary.  And Phoenix visits Edmonton.  Tomorrow, if Hurricane … Carolina has passed by a stroke of luck, Ottawa visits Raleigh-Durham in a rescheduled affair.  The Capitals are in town versus the Habs.  Toronto continues their road trip out west in Winnipeg, which of course will be home away from home for the Leafs. As far as the wild card standings are concerned, this weekend, Boston is in Philly and Buffalo is in Columbus on Saturday.  Anaheim-Los Angeles tomorrow should be a dandy to watch or keep track of via the box score on Sunday morning. (It is amazingly an outdoor game, so I’d stay up to to catch it.) As should Colorado at Tampa Bay earlier in the evening for those who like to channel surf.

So here we go … hockey forever, and have a good weekend, everyone.

(Ps: This Sunday Winnipeg visits Chicago in a windy city matchup, Nashville plays Edmonton, so let the Weber rumors continue to circulate, and Vancouver hosts the Coyotes, potentially pitting two of the three Team Canada goaltenders on both sides of the rink.  Plus, the Rangers visit New Jersey, and Detroit hosts the hapless Florida Panthers.)

*Wild Card Note:New Jersey beat the Ovie-less Capitals 2-1 tonight on the strength of two assists by Jaromir Jagr*

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James Lumsden