NHL Lockout Continues

William Wilson February 15, 2013 8
An empty Air Canada CentrePhoto by Tom Szczerbowski/US PRESSWIRE

There are certain hockey writers out there who feel you shouldn’t contradict them or speak about other teams if your heart belongs to one in particular.

Forget the fact many of these same writers are guilty of their own biases. Here’s what the hockey world would be like if we allowed Captain Censorship & Co. to get their way:

There were six games in the NHL last night.

The — visited their crosstown rivals the — and slipped away with a 4-3 win in the shootout. — had a particularly strong game, scoring in regulation and helping to give his team the edge in the shootout.

The Toronto Maple Leafs put their four game winning streak on the line in — and came away empty handed. They looked disorganized throughout the game and had trouble sneaking one by —.

— and —, two of the league’s top offensive teams battled to a 4-3 final, but neither of the two superstars in the game – — and — – were able to find the back of the net.

Canada’s most successful team, the —, met their defensive match in the — and barely came away with a 1-0 win in overtime.

The — managed to shutout the —. They now sit at fourth in the —.

Finally, another 4-3 final resulted from the match-up between the — and the —. Once again, the win went to the visiting team.

In other hockey news, you may have heard that the Ottawa Senator’s Erik Karlsson – arguably the “best” player in the world and clearly a huge loss to the league equaling Crosby’s extended absence over the past two seasons (though the comparison here shouldn’t, in fact, be taken as a comparison) – is out for the rest of the season. OMG.

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