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  • National coverage reach.  Writers are strategically situated in each of the country’s 7 major media markets.
  • We have a brand new message board at
  • One of the fastest growing blogs in Canada.  Our page views doubled last year.  Our projection is to double our audience again during the upcoming season.
  • We are now registered on google news and our stories are right up there with, and other prominent media outlets.  We are also in the process of getting listed with Bing news and Yahoo News.
  • Our writers and site are connected with all types of social media to drive web surfers to our site.  During games our writers are on twitter talking to the fans of their team.  Their individuals tweets show right up on our main page, keeping everyone informed of what’s going on.  So far our writers have over 2,500 followers with the list growing everyday.  We also have a Facebook page and our fightingforstanley followers are growing weekly.  Also, every article that is put on our site is broadcasted directly to our Facebook page and Twitter feed, keeping our followers informed and driving more traffic to our site.
  • We now have podcasts available on Apple iTunes and the site.  Our writers participate in bi-weekly podcasts geared around their teams and their markets.  These podcasts will give advertisers a presence in each of the major Canadian markets and are slowly growing.
  • We’re not standing still at  Future plans include a u-tube video board where Canadians can added their very own hockey videos for viewing and live NHL chat.  We’re also going to expand and add a European writer who will keep readers informed on what Canadians are doing on the other side of the pond.
  • National advertisers have used us with great success.  Our most recent advertising campaign was with Molson’s.


Monthly stats:

Our stats since we started last year



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90,313 (77.3% of all visitors)

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Canada                           80.3%

United States               13.4%

Europe                            3.5%

Rest of the world        2.8%




Top CitiesTop 7 cities in ranking order:

1.  Toronto

2.  Vancouver

3.  Ottawa

4.  Winnipeg

5.  Montreal

6.  Calgary

7.  Edmonton

(Note: Future plans include adding a french page for articles which will include “Les Canadiens” ”Les Senators” and hopefully one day “Les Nordiques”).


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We also have advertising packages which include advertising on our message board, podcasts and future videocasts.


We are now in the process of adding podcasts which can be heard on the site or on Apple iTunes.  Currently we have the following podcasts running, which run bi-weekly during the NHL season:

  • The Nation- Toronto Maple Leafs Podcast

  • The Forum- Montreal Canadiens Podcast

  • Canuckdate- Vancouver Canucks Podcast

  • Oil Spill- Edmonton Oilers Podcast

  • DomeBeers- Calgary Flames Podcast

  • The Hanger- Winnipeg Jets Podcast

  • The Senate- Ottawa Senators Podcast

Advertising rates are available for individual podcasts or for the whole group.  Advertisers will get a sponsorship call at the beginning and end of the podcast by the host and two 30 second commercials in the podcast.  Contact for details.